Analytical Services

The UW Fermentation Laboratory offers a range of analytical services for the beverage industry.  Below is a list of our offerings and prices.  The laboratory also offers specialized services for research projects and special requests that are not currently available for routine analysis, please contact Nick Smith ( for further information.

Analysis Fee Turnaround time
Titratable Acidity and pH $25 1 Week or less

Table Wine (NIR)

Sweet or High Alcohol Wine (GC)





1 Week or less
Malic Acid $25 1 Week or less
Residual Sugar (Glucose + Fructose) $25 1 Week or less
Acetic Acid $25 1 week or less
YAN (Ammonia + Free Amino Acid) $50 24 to 48 hours, with advanced notice and coordination with lab
Stability Testing (Hot and Cold) Contact Lab Contact Lab
Ethanol (NIR) $25 1 week or less
Other Services and capabilities:

·         Beer Bitterness (IBU)

·         Hop analysis

Contact Lab Contact Lab


Please notify the laboratory prior to sending samples.  Submit a minimum of 100 mls of sample for analysis.  Must/juice, wort, and any active sample should be frozen prior to shipping and shipped using an overnight service.