Our Program

Fermentation Sciences at the University of Wisconsin-Madison is a comprehensive program of instruction, industry outreach and research.  We work in partnership with Wisconsin breweries, wineries and vineyards to design educational experiences that prepare students for careers in fermentation sciences while simultaneously celebrating Wisconsin’s rich and growing industry in fermented food and beverages.


Campus Craft Brewery

Campus Craft Brewery (CCB) is the realization of a vision by members of the Wisconsin brewing industry.  Most notably is David Ryder, former vice president of brewing and research at MillerCoors and a world authority on fermentation and yeast physiology.  It was through Dr. Ryder’s support and passion that an introductory course in brewing was first offered in 2011.  The course, now a formal part of the food science curriculum, is designed to provide students with the opportunity to study the science of brewing and participate in the formulation, production and launch of a new beer style.  Working in partnership with Wisconsin Brewing Company and under the supervision of brew master, Kirby Nelson, students formulate a brew along a specific style.  Formulations are entered in to a competition and the winning brew is scaled up for retail sales through the Wisconsin Brewing Company.  Our most recent product, Red Arrow (an American Pale Ale),  was designed in collaboration with the Wisconsin Veteran’s Museum to honor the 100th anniversary of the 32nd Red Arrow Division which served in World War I.


Campus Craft Winery

In the spirit of The Wisconsin Idea, Campus Craft Winery (CCW),  is deliberately designed to serve and celebrate the Wisconsin Wine Industry.  One important aspect of this collaborative effort is for students to actively participate in the science and business of wine production.

In partnership with Wollersheim Winery and under the guidance of enologist Nick Smith, students work with grapes donated by Wisconsin vineyards to learn the wine production process from Grape to Glass.   This provides undergraduates with an opportunity to apply knowledge of food science and microbiology to the growing, harvesting, processing, bottling and distribution of wine.  All proceeds from wines produced through this program help fund the Fermentation Sciences program.

For our first wine, students worked with grapes donated by Danzinger Vineyards and Wollersheim Winery to produce a red blend.  The result was Red Fusion.  The release of Red Fusion was celebrated at Wollersheim Winery on April 27th, 2016 then sold through campus foodservice units such as the  Wisconsin Union.

Our first Campus Craft White was introduced on April 7th, 2017.  Grapes used for this 2016 vintage were donated by Danzinger Vineyards, Starks Vineyards, Parallel 44 Winery, Elmaro Vineyards and Wollersheim Winery.  This is a lovely summer wine and available through General Beverage distributors.  Campus Craft Red 2016 will be bottled in late August and available for fall celebrations.